<aside> 🧠 Emote is a habit forming software to modernize the journaling experience


Our LATEST for ya'll - 📣 Right Here 📣

We KNOW! Finally, a good looking journaling software that actually entices you to write every day and helps hold your hand to get into the groove!

Emote is finally LIVE!... that means we learned a bunch of lessons the hard way, talked with our users and cleaning up bruises so we could get back out there with an even better product!

To stay up to date with the latest announcements on ⭐ upcoming versions and enhancements ⭐ send us a note @ [email protected] Happy Emote'ing!

Latest blog post: on why you should try group journaling (highly therapeutic!)

Its as simple as opening a 🎁; Go to Emoteand SIGN UP!

<aside> 1️⃣ *Invite friends to develop great habits and help them to stop quarantining in their heads. Let that little voice run amuck in Emote. Help a friend out! If we find out you invited 10 friends, I'm sending you a frisbee. **Why a frisbee you might ask...*because you can't play frisbee alone!


👀 We're hiring

Our company is fully remote and fully part time, and we're assembling a team of extraordinary talent to revolutionize journaling and kill the stigma about journaling (often seen as a young girl keeping a diary!)

We're looking for our first technical lead and a badass designer